ERIKS N.V. (“ERIKS”), a multi-national provider of mechanical engineering components and logistics services, has signed a binding agreement to sell its subsidiary Econosto International Holdings B.V., known as (“Siekmann Econosto”), to NEWAY VALVE (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (“NEWAY”).

Siekmann Econosto is a leading complete solution provider for valve applications in oil & gas, power and petrochemical industries. The Company distributes high-quality components, including valves, accessories and instruments of world’s leading brands as well as own-brand valves, to oil, natural gas, petrochemical, storage tank, ship, water and other industrial projects globally. Siekmann Econosto has successfully completed over 1,000 projects around the globe, winning an unrivaled brand reputation in the field. The buyer, NEWAY, is the largest developer and manufacturer of industrial valves based in China.

EC M&A acted as exclusive financial advisor to ERIKS and Siekmann Econosto on this transaction.

ERIKS N.V. (“ERIKS”),一家跨国机械工程部件和物流服务供应商,已经签署具约束力的协议,将其子公司Econosto International Holdings B.V. (以下简称“Siekmann Econosto”)出售给苏州纽威阀门股份有限公司(以下简称“NEWAY”)。

Siekmann Econosto是一家领先的石油,天然气,电力和石化行业阀门相关应用的完整解决方案提供商。该公司向全球的石油,天然气,石化,储罐,船舶,水和其他工业项目分销高质量的组件,包括世界领先品牌的阀门,配件和仪器以及自有品牌阀门。Siekmann Econosto在全球范围内完成了超过一千个项目,获得了首屈一指的品牌声誉。NEWAY是中国最大的工业阀门研发商和制造商。

EC M&A在此交易中担任ERIKS和Siekmann Econosto的独家财务顾问。